Check out these unique bulletin board ideas for Black History Month.

  1. “Who am I?” Have your students each write a paragraph about an important figure from Black History in first person without mentioning his/her name. Print out a picture of each of them and have the students cut out their silhouettes. Then have them trace the silhouettes onto black construction paper and cut those out too. Place the black silhouette on top of the picture and put one staple on the top. On the bulletin board, put each silhouette with its paragraph. Then, people that walk by can read the paragraphs to guess who each person is before they lift the flap and find out!
  2. “A Look Back at Black History!” Turn your bulletin board into a timeline of important events in Black History. You can put your students in groups to research and write paragraphs about each event. Then, have them draw an illustration to represents their event.
  3. “African Americans In…” Incorporate the subject you teach into the bulletin board. If you teach Language Arts, place book covers of books by famous African American writers on the bulletin board. If you teach science, put pictures and information about various African American scientists and inventors. Your students can write about these people for you. If you teach PE, art, music, or another exploratory class, find information about African American athletes, musicians, artists, etc.
  4. “Extra, Extra, Read All About It!” Turn your bulletin board into a “newspaper.” Break it up into sections like: Politics, Sports, Entertainment, and Education. Then, have students write “articles” about famous African Americans in these fields. They can find quotes from these people to incorporate into their stories.
  5. “Black History Wall of Fame!” There are countless African Americans that have set world records, won various awards, and changed the world. Honor these people on your bulletin board. Students can write about their achievements to go along with a picture. You can even glam it up Hollywood style!