GRADE LEVEL(S): 3rd grade – 8th grade (Can be adapted for younger grade levels)
SUBJECT(S): Language Arts, Writing
Literacy Skill Focus: Writing, Creative Writing

RAFTactivityThe RAFT strategy (Santa, 1988) helps to guide students’ writing. Often times when we give our students a writing assignment, we give them a vague topic such as “My Biggest Accomplishment,” and some students have trouble knowing where to begin. A RAFT breaks down the writing activity to make it more manageable for students. It can be used in any subject area and is a great way to incorporate writing across the curriculum.

Here’s how it works:
R stands for “Role” – What is the writer’s role? (Ex: news reporter)
A stands for “Audience” - Who is the writer’s audience? (Ex: people in the community)
F stands for “Format” - How should the writer present the information? (Ex: newspaper article)
T stands for “Topic” – What is the author writing about? (Ex: recent election)

Here is a fun creative writing activity that incorporates the RAFT Writing Strategy!

Have 4 containers, each labeled for one of the 4 letters in RAFT. Fill the containers with various roles, audiences, formats, and topics. Have individual students or groups choose randomly from each container to come up with a creative writing activity.

Here are some examples of roles, audiences, formats, and topics to mix and match for your students– ready to be cut out!