GRADE LEVEL(S): All Grades
SUBJECT(S): All subject areas
Literacy Skill Focus: Making connections

Have your students find real world connections to what they learned in class. This is a great homework activity for students of any age. It is incredibly important for students to make these connections; however, we are often so busy covering the curriculum that we don’t find time during the day to help them with these connections. Ask students to find 3 examples of how they will use the information they learned in the “real world.”

Example topic(s): Multiplying & Dividing with Decimals

1. You have $20 to buy gas, and gas is $2.49/gallon. How many gallons can you buy?
2. You have 7 people coming over for Thanksgiving dinner, and each person will eat about 1.5 pounds of turkey. How many pounds of turkey do you need?
3. Your groceries will cost you $35.55 before tax. Sales tax is $0.07. What will your total be?