GRADE LEVEL(S): All grade levels
SUBJECT(S): All subject areas
Literacy Skill Focus: Summarizing, Determining Importance, Making connections, Questioning, Comprehension, Writing Across the Curriculum

This activity can be done by simply folding a piece of paper in half “hamburger” AND “hotdog” style. This creates 4 areas for writing. The top left area is called “What we learned about today.” Here, students can write anything from 1 sentence to a paragraph that summarizes what they learned that day. The top right area is called “This is important because.” Here, students will make real world connections by explaining why it is important that they learned this information. The bottom left area is to draw a picture or diagram that shows their understanding. This can be anything from a diagram of photosynthesis to a fraction with the numerator and denominator labeled. Lastly, the bottom right area allows students to write any questions they have. These questions can address misunderstandings or allow them to ask questions to satisfy their curiosity.

Example Topic: Proper Nouns